Featured Artist Gallery Schedule

All members of Arcata Artisans always have work showing in the gallery. This schedule shows which artists are going to be in the Featured Artist Gallery. Artist's receptions happen from 6-9 PM on the second Friday of each month during Arts!Arcata.

July 2018
  • Susan Morton and Elaine Shore.
August 2018
  • John Wesa and Amy Taylor.
September 2018
  • Jeannie Fierce, Jeff Langdon and Mike Edwards.
October 2018
  • Mimi LaPlant and Zak Shea.
November 2018
  • Anna Oneglia and Dianne Sonderegger.
December 2018
  • Group Show.
January 2019
  • Carolyn Jones, and Gill Castro.
February 2019
  • Kathryn Stotler and Betsy Roberts.
March 2019
  • Patricia Sennott, and Vaughn Hutchins.
April 2019
  • tba.
Artists featured behind the register for 2018-2019:
  • March 2018- Susan Morton, April 2018- Susan Bornstien, May 2018- John Wesa, June 2018- Kris Patzlaff, July 2018- Zak Shea, August 2018- Vaughn Hutchins, Septemer 2018- Jim Lowry, October 2018- Joyce Jonte, November 2018- Jeff Langdon, December 2018- Perta Sennott, January 2019- Anna Oneglia, February 2019- Mimi LaPlant March 2019- Jeannie Fierce, April 2019- Carolyn Jones May 2019- Kathryn Stotler