Zachary Shea

invents functional and non-functional forms in his barn studio in Bayside, California, using recycled woods and metals, in order to satisfy his overwhelming need to create.

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The Artist My art is made of second-hand materials --reclaimed, recycled or refurbished wood-- found, bartered or bought and given a new life as art furniture, functional sculpture and pure ornament. This connects my pieces to past artisans and workers who also made use of some of the finest material resources humans have ever cultivated. Iíve always managed to find the materials Iíve wanted, and use with gratitude what has found its way to me. Besides, the seasoned look of a salvaged piece of wood and the stories it holds are worth all the effort it takes to acquire it.

There is so much beautiful wood waiting for a second or third or fourth chance to be useful. Redwood, cedar, douglas fir, ipe, mahogany, oak, pine, rosewood--they have all found their way into my pieces, inspiring my expressions.

Places Iíve found wood:

I build functional sculpture in the form of furniture, frames, fountains, cabinets, sconces and more, as well as more ornamental objects, always from recycled wood. I also work with metal, glass, old rusty hardware, bicycle spokes and other found material as I need it for a particular piece. Much of my work starts from the material that Iíve salvaged and grows from there.

Wood In Art is the name of my studio. Commissions are welcome. Call to arrange a visit or stop by if the Open Studio sign is up. Contact Zachary Shea, 707 834-6798, or at

The studio is located at 3257 Old Arcata Rd., 1.1 miles south of the Bayside cut off, west side of the road, in the red milk barn.

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Zachary Shea

(707) 298-8032
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