Vaughn Hutchins

photographing the light falling through centuries of redwood growth.

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The Artist I have been photographing since 1976. I had the honor to be a student of several excellent photography teachers at Humboldt State University, Tom Knight, Thomas Joshua Cooper and Jim Toms, while I was earning my BS Degree in Natural Resources Management (1981).

I worked for the US Forest Service out of Covelo, CA for 12 years in various capacities…including steelhead counter, mule packer, trail builder, fire fighter, campground maintenance, wilderness ranger, and fire lookout, to name but a few. In 1991, I shifted professions and became the darkroom technician for the HSU Art Department. My wife and I live just north of Eureka. We have three boys, born in 1997.

Besides operating the teaching darkroom for the Art Department, I teach photography to high school students in the summer through the HSU Art Academy. I have assisted at many workshops with such organizations such as the Friends of Photography, Owens Valley Workshops and the Center of Photography (Carmel).

My photography deals more with the light on the landscape than with the landscape itself. Light is my subject. I especially enjoy working with the light falling through centuries of redwood growth. Though I have worked with color, silver (B&W), and platinum processes, my work now is mostly with Carbon Printing…a 19th century non-silver process which yields a very permanent image that has a raised relief. It is especially suited to the way I see and work with light in the redwoods. I have had the good fortune to photograph throughout the western USA as well as New Zealand and Costa Rica.

My photographs can be seen at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park, and several of my platinum prints can be seen at the following website…once there, click on my name on the left hand side of the page: HSU Art Department Pages

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Vaughn Hutchins