Seth Simpson

Seth Simpson is a Humboldt County artist specializing in both small scale production and one of a kind show pieces thrown from fine porcelain or stoneware. He is a graduate of Humboldt State University’s Honors Ceramics program and established his own studio in 2010. In addition to his academic training, his hands have been in clay one way or another for over half his lifetime. Seth has worked as a production potter for North Bay Clay works in Blue lake California, apprenticed for local master potter Jeff Morales, assisted renowned Napa Valley ceramic sculptor Richard Carter and participated in the construction of numerous kiln projects. He now exhibits widely, mostly at large art festivals throughout the Western United States. Seth strives to create beautiful, artful, and functional porcelain pottery. He considers the greatest compliment to his work to be when it contributes to people’s lives through daily use.

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My wheel thrown forms are the result of decisions of process, fire, and the influence of the natural world upon my work. My aesthetics include classical Asian and European ceramic forms, Abstract Expressionist color-field paintings, and the surroundings close to my home on California’s Northern Redwood Coast. I use porcelain almost exclusively in my work and appreciate the pureness of color that can be achieved in this medium. My surfaces contain elements of calligraphy and man made mark making, but more than anything I try to rely on the beauty of nature to inspire me. The colors of my glazes often change with the seasons. The brilliance of fall foliage, the deep greens of spring growth; or even the soothing hues of an ocean swell are the surfaces I try to project on to my work. I frequently combine multiple glaze applications to my vessels. I find in this way that I can capture interesting and subtle surfaces from the firing process. I focus on the utilitarian object and seek to create pieces that combine aesthetic appeal and functionality. The vessel speaks to me because it provides the comfort and familiarity that is often thought of as ordinary. These objects can be almost ceremonial in use and can encourage us to slow down in our fast paced world. The ritual of a morning mug of coffee, the colors of seasonal flowers in a vase, or sharing food with friends and family can all be times of reflection and appreciation. I seek to elevate my work from the ordinary by imparting upon it my personal reflections from nature. Leaves in the wind or the ripples of a river current are some examples of spontaneity that connect me to the natural world. It is my hope that by conveying these feelings in the form of an object for daily use; that others lives can also be influenced, if not enhanced by the beauty I find around me. -Seth Simpson

Seth Simpson

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