Kathryn Stotler

Landscape artist working with acrylic media.

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The Artist Stotler's first love of painting began with the wall art in her childhood home. Her great, great uncle, William Pitt's landscapes of the English countryside hung throughout the house. These paintings and her love of nature helped to build her belief in the supremacy of the natural world. She does not like to paint man made structures and leaves them out of most of her paintings. She prefers to capture the landscape as a living, breathing being. Her painting is how she connects with what is real in the world. She is self taught although not without the influence of several notable teachers in the area. She has been a protege of Mimi La Plant for the past four years and is an ardent student, working several hours a day to perfect her style. Prior to painting, Stotler worked for fifteen years as a textile artist weaving blankets that she marketed nationwide. She then moved on to collage and assemblage work using found objects and reclaimed materials. She grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, received her BA from UC Santa Barbara, left the southland and never looked back. She lives in Eureka, California with her husband and two dogs.