Joyce Radtke

uses many different mediums to blend the spirit and physical worlds.

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The Artist I feel my work as an artist is ever-evolving. Although I work in many mediums,( clay, pastel acrylic medium, mixed medium assemblages and concrete sculpture), my work has always addressed the issues of transformation and the blending of the spirit and the physical worlds. I have found stories and myths, both personal and universal to be an important vehicle which inspire me. I incorporate symbolism in my paintings to help me understand the mysteries of life and my own inner workings.

It is my desire to create something sacred from the mundane by incorporating found natural objects in my work such as in the small art dolls. I create them as a blessing and prayer that folks can take to bring into their homes. My greatest intention with my art is to inspire myself to move towards a renewed respect for the fragile and sacred connection I have with the earth and my place on her.

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Joyce Radtke