Jeannie Fierce

paints with wool, lending a new meaning to wearable art and unique texture to home decour.

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The Artist My hands cannot be stilled. From an early age I began building, gluing, painting and creating.

As my artistic skills developed, experimentation included everything from sculpture to batik, jewelry and printmaking. During my college years I focused primarily on watercolor and oil painting.

When finally introduced to the ancient art of felting, I knew I had found an art form I could commit to, and so began my intriguing journey into the land of felted wool paintings and collage.

My previous experience as a painter gave only a hint as to what it would be like to create with wool. Imagine being able to lift your paint right of the canvas and move it around. This is the type of freedom felting provides.

Wool is the medium I employ. Not unlike paint to a painter, I have the ability to transport shape and form until I'm completely pleased with my composition. I don't think of wool as fur or animal hair; instead of paint, I use fiber.

Color has always moved and inspired me. Dyed wool in its brilliant colors lying in heaps about my studio still takes my breath away. When I'm working on a piece I am oblivious to time, nothing else matters.

I use fiber to create imagery. Some of my inspiration is spirited by internal journeys or personal experience, at other times my compositions are playful and whimsical, illustrating the vast capabilities of felt as a medium.

I'm enticed by the lofty wool and moved by its color and depth. I seek form which enhances all of these elements.

My relationship with wool fiber felting is primitive and compelling. It feeds my quest for hue and texture, as well as my insatiable tactile appetite.

As I continue finding magic in the process, my wish is to evoke a sense of joy and delight for my audience as well.

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Jeannie Fierce