Elaine Y Shore

Elaine’s porcelain pieces are inspired by the beauty of our natural environment here in Humboldt County.

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The Artist

Elaine Y Shore has been creating unique, functional porcelain since moving to Humboldt in 2009. She is a member of Arcata Artisans Cooperative, Trinidad Art Gallery and Fire Arts Center, where she teaches classes in surface decoration techniques. “Many of my pieces combine various surface decoration techniques. I use glazing, carving, underglaze painting, slip trailing and other techniques to create a textural and visually interesting surface. Although my pieces appear fragile, they are high-fired (Cone 10) porcelain, so they are quite durable and are made to be used every day. I enjoy the entire process of creating beautiful, functional pieces.” These are a few of the pieces that are currently available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me via email for more pictures, shipping costs and additional information. I can ship pieces to you or, if you are local, I can arrange to meet you in person.

Elaine Y Shore...