Diane Sonderegger

is a ceramic artist who enjoys working with the raku process.

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The Artist "Working with clay is my second career. But calling it a job is hardly accurate because every day at the studio is a privilege. A ball of clay is like a new pencil and paper except you are sketching in three dimensions. Clay is a great material because it lets you elaborate, embellish and change your mind as you go along. You are not locked into your initial design and making it up as I go along is sort of my style. Sometimes the clay suggests the direction you should take. Other times it refuses to cooperate. So you coax and coddle each piece. And then you surrender it to the uncertainties of the fire. When the kiln opens (or the raku trash can) sometime you get junk but sometimes you get a fabulous surprise. That's what keeps us all in this." Diane Sonderegger

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Diane Sonderegger...

Phone: (707) 840-9176