Candace Miller

Fine polymer clay creations.

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The Artist Candy Miller was born in the Bay Area and raised in Humboldt County, She has been making art for over thirty-five years. She began as a fiber artist in the the early 70's and later moved to polymer clay, a modeling clay fired in a low temperature oven. It was a 'new' medium at the time and shecouldn't wait to try it. The colors were vivid and rich and the possibilities seemed endless. Selling her creations at local fairs led her to produce a variety of products from earrings and necklaces to framed abstracts and dolls. Working on several pieces at the same time allows a certain continuity to a 'set ' of jewelry. The process from beginning to the end product is a matter of folding and wrapping and layering one color of clay onto another color of clay. A series of canes in the same color palette are made, then cut into halves or quarters and put back together in puzzle fashion to make brooches, earrings, necklaces, etc. Candy has been influenced by such polymer clay artists as Sarah Shriver, Steve Ford, David Forlano,Pier Voulkos, and Cynthia Toops. They have all proven the possibilities ARE endless. Asian, African and Native American design are further influences in her work.

Candy Miller

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