Betsy Roberts

uses the ancient skills of metalsmiths to fabricate and patinate sculptural light fixtures and jewelry.

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The Artist I especially enjoy making original sculptural objects which are also functional. The act of creating fine art which actually DOES something gives me a thrill. I am most drawn to metals for their durability and versatility. I like to make things that will last, and I relish in using the metalsmithing techniques which have been passed by touch from teacher to apprentice for thousands of years. I love working with metal to contain and manipulate light, for I feel that I am taking part in a traditional art form, as well as being of service to humanity twice: both as fleshly beings who stumble in hallways, as well as souls who seek out the Good and the Beautiful. I like to make pieces that tell about the awesome things I have seen in the microscope, or telescope, or forest, or mountain or ocean. You don't always know what story I tell, but believe me, it's there.

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Born and raised in Suburbia, USA, I never seemed to fit in the little boxes available. So I took off for rural Northern California, to go back to the land, grow veggies, spin wool, wrangle sheep, and build fence. Still seeking where I might fit in, I moved to the "big city" of Arcata to finish my BA in Philosophy. I found I was most at home in the metalsmithing studio at Humboldt State. Metals had first intrigued me as a child, and then captivated me as a youth. Since 1990, I have been passionately involved in metalwork, gathering inspiration from direct contact with nature and my contemplative readings. Falling in love with a general building contractor brought me to appreciate many of the aspects of architecture and interior design; when our own house was going up, I realized that a good sconce is hard to find. Creating works of art that function really turns me on. Thus, the field of Illuminated Sculpture was born.

My work is also available at:

Christensen Heller Gallery, Oakland, CA
Ojai House, Ojai, California
Historic Lighting, Inc, Monrovia, California
Munro's Furniture, Santa Ana, California
Baum and Blume, Carmel Valley, California
Terra Firma, Jacksonville, Oregon
Arcata Artisans, Arcata, California

Betsy Roberts