Amy Ellis Taylor

Uses traditional copper foil, lead came and glass fusing techniques in her work.

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My work is heavily influenced from time spent growing up on the beaches and bluffs of the Mendocino Coast. My family surfed and dove for abalone, and our home sat on the edge of Jackson State Forest. Time spent in the trees and on the sand taught me to see a spiritual quality in the way light filters through the redwoods and reflects off the great pacific kelp beds.

In 2000, I earned a degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Lithography, from Humboldt State University. I traveled the world and returned to Arcata working as a stained glass craftsman at Lamps by Hilliard.

I have been working almost exclusively in stained glass since 2007, and love the challenge that is involved in process art. Every choice made and every technique used depends on the success of the one before, eventually culminating in a work of art. My goal is to mix straightforward design with clean technique to create pieces that give way to the wonder in our natural world.

Amy Ellis Taylor...

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